About the house

Price: € 198.205
HUF 77.676.452

Town: Tiszavárkony
Size of the area: 10989m²
Rooms: 10
Bathroom: 10
WC: Yes
Heating: air conditioning / electric

Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Garage: Yes
Cellar: Yes
Floors: 2
Outbuildings: Yes

In Tiszavárkony, in the heart of nature, this complete B&B is for sale, an original brick house built in the late 80s and then expanded and modernized over time, with 7 air conditioners and complete insulation of the exterior walls.

The 10989m2 is 16% buildable, i.e., with about 4800m2 of fence and 5000m2 of private wood, each construction area extends to the banks of the river Tisza, and there is still a 1000m2 shrub previously designed for Quad s.
City beach 150m from the building, private forest and possibility to create your own beach.
In this property we find a large 3-storey house.
On the ground floor there is a bar with a warehouse where a restaurant can be operated but is still used as an apartment.
Upstairs there are 4 bedrooms with bath and toilet.

At the back there are 4 bedrooms, each with a bathroom and toilet. Above the building is an approx. There is a 40 m2 terrace. Finally, approx. We have a 60 m2 house with a living room with kitchen and 2 bedrooms, a bed and two bathrooms and toilets, which are still under maintenance, but with a new electricity, water and drainage system.
The property will only be sold furnished.

The construction rate of the entire property is 16%, however, it can be expanded with light insulated material without the need for a building permit.

Possibility to create a campsite with Bungalow, in a very quiet area, with fishing opportunities, thermal waters 5 km.

Geographical location:
Szolnok 20km
Cegléd 69km
Kecskemét 51km
Budapest 123km
Debrecen 144km
I am always at your disposal for more information.
The attorney s fee is 1% of the sale price.
All services are included in the price.

Price: 77,676,452 HUF, 217,000 €
City: Tiszavárkony
Reference: idn190214

Area: 10989m2 can be built in 16%
Floors: 2
Electricity: yes
Basement: yes 150m2
Water: very own well, 95 m deep
Garage: yes
Gas: not yet connected
Heating: air conditioning / electric
Cuisine: yes 2 inclined kitchens for restaurants
Outbuildings: yes 60m2 house
Rooms: 10
Extras: 7 air conditioners, bar, private beach, full external wall insulation.
Bathrooms: 10
WC: Yes