About the house

Price: € 389.195
HUF 151.000.000

Town: Kocsér
Size of the area: 16000m²
Kitchen: 2
Rooms: 2
Bathroom: 1
WC: 3
Heating: gas circo boiler + wood-burnin

Water: yes
Electricity: yes
Garage: yes
Cellar: no
Floors: 1
Outbuildings: yes
electric garage door, pool, al

This family house with a pool is a good investment, located only 5 km from the center of Kocsér, with a land area of 1.6 hectares.
Hungary presents itself as a peaceful nation, the cost of living is not high and general security is good.
Kocsér is the southernmost Jász settlement in Pest County, between Nagykőrös and Tiszakécske. A typical farming village.
The village has all the necessary services, such as doctors, dentists, pharmacies, shops, a local gas station, and the police.

More about the house:

The house, built in the 1980s, underwent a complete renovation in 2013: the main building was painted, and the electrical lines, water, sewage and heating systems were modernized.
The main attic building with a usable floor area of 217 m2 has 2 large bedrooms, a large hall, 1 living room, 1 kitchen with dining room, 1 large bathroom with bathtub, shower and WC - 2 washrooms and a boiler house, in which the boiler can be heated with gas or electricity.
The property is heated by underfloor heating, a wood-burning stove and a gas circo boiler. Its windows and doors are thermally insulated, double-glazed, and made of wood. All rooms in the main building are tiled. The house also has a 33m2 covered terrace.
Next to the family house is a completely new building with a garage, workshop, toilet and a large, 153m² beautiful roof.
Between the house and the garage there is a new, 33m2 container cellar with 2 x fluorescent LED lamps, an extractor, and a double socket in front. There is another covered space of approx. 12m2, lit with LED lights and double sockets.
The heated and tiled garage can accommodate 2 cars and 2 motorbikes, and everything in the space is illuminated.
A roof was created behind the garage, where a caravan is equipped with 220 volt voltage and water supply.
Behind the main building is a stable with 3 stalls, water supply, outdoor lighting with motion sensor, interior lighting, double socket and indoor arena.
There is also a 30m2 workshop and an open kitchen in the yard. The workshop is heated by central heating, and hot water is provided by an electric boiler. A bar was built in the open kitchen, it was tiled, and hot and cold water was provided.
A beautiful terrace with a fireplace can be created behind the kitchen. As an extra, a heated and cooled 4x8 meter covered swimming pool was also built. The whole lot is newly fenced.
Shutters have been placed on all the windows of the property, and the windows of the open kitchen are equipped with window grilles.
Due to the size and characteristics of the property, it is suitable for vacations, personal use or even business purposes.

Geographical location:
Kecskemét 25 km
Budapest 80km
M0 80 km
Szolnok 35 km
Cegléd 27 km
Spa nearby.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or would like to make an offer! I answer all inquiries and am happy to be at your disposal!
The attorneys fee is 1% of the sale price.

City: Kocsér
Reference: idn230322
Area: 250m2
Area: 1.6 hectares
Floor: 1
Electricity: three-phase, 400V
Basement: yes
Water: yes + drilled well
Garage: yes, 60m2, underfloor heating
Gas: yes
Heating: gas circo boiler + wood-burning stove
Kitchen: 1+1
Annex building: yes
Bedroom: 2
Bathroom: 1
WC: 3
Extras: electric garage door, pool, alarm system