About the house

Price: € 43.559
HUF 16.900.000

Town: Kisköre
Size of the area: 800m²
Kitchen: 1
Rooms: 2
Bathroom: 1
WC: 1
Heating: mixed fuel boiler

Water: yes
Electricity: yes
Garage: no
Cellar: no
Floors: 1
Outbuildings: yes

We offer for sale a family house built on one of the main streets of Kisköre, yet in a quiet neighborhood, which is located on a well-maintained lot.
Kisköre, in the Hungarian Great Plain, is located right next to Lake Tisza. Almost all water sports are possible: use of motorboats, sailing, surfing, fishing, swimming-beaching, hunting, etc.
The size of the lake is 127 square kilometers. The settlement located in the immediate vicinity of the lake is not only quiet and calm, but also has Hungarys only double-traffic bridge (the train runs on the same bridge as the cars on the bridge over the Tisza river).
In addition to the Kisköre beach, Central Europes largest Aquaglide water park, Hungarys first complete water playground, is also nearby. The town has all necessary services, such as doctors, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacies, shops and supermarkets, local gas station, car repair shop, police, school and kindergarten.

More about the house:
The family house, built in 1971 with adobe masonry, was later expanded with a boiler house. The kitchen was renovated in 2021 and then the bathroom in 2023. The building also has a covered rear terrace. The yard is large, tidy and grassy.
The property has 1 hall, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 bathroom.
One bedroom and living room were equipped with laminate parquet, the other bedroom with carpet, and the other rooms were provided with cold flooring. The bathroom also has a bathtub and a shower.
In the hall and one of the bedrooms, the electrical network is still the original, but the electrical wiring in the bathroom, living room and another room has already been modernized.
The home is heated by a mixed fuel boiler. The origins of the windows in the two bedrooms are double-hung windows.
Thanks to its location and features, it has several possibilities. This part of Lake Tisza is popular among tourists, so it can even be used as accommodation.
It can be purchased with furniture if desired.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or would like to make an offer! I answer all inquiries and am happy to be at your disposal!
The attorneys fee is 1% of the sale price.

City: Kisköre
Reference: idn230919
Area: 100 m2
Plot size: 800m2
Floors: ground floor
Electricity: yes
Water: there is
Garage: yes
Kitchen: yes
Heating: mixed fuel boiler
Bedrooms: 2 + 1 living room
Outbuilding: there is - boiler house
Number of bathrooms: 1
WC: 1
Extras: quiet, peaceful neighborhood